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The person who encounters the problem is not necessarily the one who has the solution

 "Hello, I have a problem, I'm looking for something to wedge my washing machine.

 Wedge your washing machine?

 Yes, the ground at home is not very level, it's an old building and when I start a program, it vibrates throughout the building, my neighbours complain about the noise. Are there any hard plastic blocks that I can use? I tried it with cardboard, but it eventually crashed. I have pieces of wood, but it is difficult to cut them lengthwise to reach exactly the right height.

Have you tried adjusting the legs?

Elected officials are not our enemies


To be quite honest, when I started working on the Solucracy project, my feelings towards elected officials were rather negative.

To me, the French administration was stored in my mind in a single suitcase, including the crooked politicians we are shown on TV and in newspapers all the time, the local elected officials and the entire public service.

When dealing with public services as a user, I always compared my experience to that which I could have had with a private company, whose sole objective is to make a profit.

Purpose, mission and vision

At a time when the quest for meaning is a dominant activity for many of us, it is all the more important that companies are able to define, for themselves or for the people who compose them, the direction in which they are heading and the values that are specific to them.

That's why we've decided to try and describe what the Solucracy project represents as best we can.


"The purpose of an organization is to allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things."

Peter Drucker