Actual budget of the website

This website is currently financed by only one person, me :-), and since I believe in transparency, I'd like all financial information to be displayed here, available for all users to see. Right now, it doesn't cost too much and, as you'll see below, it's all manageable. But if, as I hope and work for, grows bigger, it might generate extra costs asking for your help, etc... In that case as well, everything will appear here.

Description In Out Date Frequency Reason
Github Subscription 7$ Monthly The code is private for now, so I need to pay the subscription. IF you want to participate, you can contact me and I'll share the code with you but I'd rather wait to be 100% satisfied with the state of the website to make it public.
Hosting 59.88€ 24/5/2015 Yearly Because I'm not skilled enough to host it myself :-)
SSL Certificate 39.99€ 24/5/2015 Yearly I will configure the possibility to connect with a google account, and when I did my research, it was necessary to get an SSL certificate.
Printshop invoice 94.35€ 13/1/2016 Printing of business cards and a little sign to display during events

If you have any questions related to all that or to the website itself, don't hesitate to contact me here : Contact